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About Us

Monster Cleaning Breantwood is a company based in CM area,  specialized in a wide variety of services aiming to cover all residential and commercial customers’ needs. We had the great success to become from small company in a top leader in cleaning industry in London. We were widening our list of available services. Step by step we manage to make our team bigger, stronger and united. We have never achieved this great results without our loyal customer, who helped us to improve our  services and spread the word for our great results.

Monster Cleaning BrentwoodOur company possesses strong work ethic,  corporate culture and traditions, who move us forward through years. Investing in our employees and inventory is the greatest decision of the company management. The strategy to keep high service quality would never be prosperous without the constant efforts of the company employees.  We are proud to say that all of us, working in this organisations, are ambitious, highly motivated and competent in the area we work, no matter IT support, customer representative or cleaners. All of our operatives are trustworthy and reliable, well trained to the highest level. This is the family of Monster Cleaning Breantwood.


We use only top of the self machinery, tools and liquids to respond with excellent outcomes to each customer requirement. You do not need to use toxic liquids to remove stains and clean. We are green oriented company, which uses only bio friendly and non toxic cleaning detergents, which are 100% safe for your property, family and pets.


You do need to be wealthy or to rip your pockets, in order to get satisfying service with great results in the end. We work out effective methods every day, so we can make our price competitive, affordable and cost effective. Even some on our services include all the expenses for equipment and detergents that are needed.

Here is generalization of what you get when you book a service with us:

  • perspicuous company terms and conditions;
  • company which possesses strong work ethic, corporate culture and traditions;
  • we work 365 days a year to ensure availability for everybody including holidays, no extra hidden charges and fees; free quotes and information;
  • individual method of approach and customized deals for each customer;
  • affordable low cost prices including all the expenses for equipment and detergents;
  • only bio friendly and non toxic cleaning detergents, which are 100% safe for your property, family and pets;
  • fully police checked and insured workers;
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction by the final outcome


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